William Shakespeare

As part of our learning, we learnt about William Shakespeare. So I decided to do a post about him.


William Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest play writer ever. He may of lived 400 years ago but he still remains popular. He was born in the town of Stratford but moved to London in his twenties where he started writing plays for actors at the Globe Theatre.          Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and was well known for his launguage. In his times actresses would have the lead role but today actors have lead roles. Shakespeare has not only wrote plays he has wrote poems too!

Macbeth – the film

The Upper Juniors have been studying Shakespeare’s play, ‘Macbeth’. We explored the changes that a character can undertake, and how people can be overtaken by greed and selfish desire.

The children worked in groups to write their own version of the play; here it is in all its glory!

Having worked so hard, we would love a comment!

macbeth from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

My Spell!

This is my Shakespeare spell for Macbeth. Please leave a comment.

Add a Lizards tooth and heart,
Then just add a really big fart.
Add a girls hair with a bobble,
Then add a turkey that once did gobble.
Add a crocodile’s tongue,
Then just add a lady’s thong

Stir and burn, enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Shoot a bird dead with a gun,
Then your spell will be nearly done.
Add a poo straight from the loo,
No-one will know what to do.
Eye of a newt toe of a frog,
Then just add some roasting hog.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Kittens teeth and principles touge,
Know make sure you don’t do it wrong.
Add a lump of snot with a drip of sweat,
Do not take this for a threat.
Add some green moldy moss,
Then just add a man named Ross.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
Don’t forget to add that popping vain.

Stir a baby sick and a fig,
Then just add a womens green old wig.
Add a toddler’s snot straight from the nose,
Then add a pile of Russian peoples toes.
Add some fire,then some snow,
Then add some fairtrade cocoa.

Stir and burn,enough to make you completely insane,
don’t forget to add that popping vain.

A Shakespear Spell

Warning not for the squeamish may include gory things .


Rat’s fleas and a humans knees

Then add some mouldy cheese

Monkeys brain and elephants skin

Mix them up and add some gin

Snake leftover and lovely heart

Then just add some dogs fart

Kittens teeth and teachers tounge

Then your couldren will really pong

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Add a wart then some poo

Then an adders scale and mouse doo

A bats wing and toe of a frog

Then 10 spikes of a hedgehog

Lizard tounge and owls claw

Then just add some eggs times four

Tooth of shark and tail of dog

Then the flesh from an warthog

Boil boil toil and troubel

Fire burn and couldren bubble


Cats snot straight from the nose

Then a pile of hamsters toes

The eye of a poisonous frog

Then a some mud from a dead dog

A dead tigers mouldy brain

A man who has gone conpleatley insane

Some  mouldy muddy frogspawn

Muddy clothes only slightly worn

Boil boil toil and trouble

Fire burn and couldren bubble

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

We have been studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth and today we had a brilliant discussion about the lead character and his wife, Lady Macbeth.

We discussed the personalities of each character and lots of us have changed our minds about Macbeth. What do you think of him now?

Finally, we acted out a small role-play between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Have a listen and see what you think – how has Lady Macbeth tried to influence her husband? What is your opinion of her?



Stratford home of William Shakespeare

On the 20th to the 21st my family went to Stratford for the night . Stratford was the home of William Shakespeare 400 years ago . There are 6 different houses which are: Shakespeare’s birthplace which was were he was born;Halls croft which is his oldest daughter Susanna’s husband’s house who was a doctor;Nash’s house which was his granddaughters husbands name ;Anne Hathaway cottage which was his wife’s house and Mary Arden’s house which is the home of Shakespeares mother . Some facts are:

William had 7 siblings and was the 3rd oldest one of his sisters died of the black death .

In Shakespears time the people thought that if they lay flat in bed that the devil  might think they were dead and that they might be taken to the underworld so to sleep they were sat up straight .

They thought that the devil only wanted boys so they dressed the boys exactly the same as girls to confuse the devil . 

Children would sleep with there parents on a pull out bed until they were five or till they had finished the candle test .

Children had to learn how to handle a candle sensibly before they could go into a room by themselves . That is the candle test .

In Williams time  if you earned 20 pounds  a year then you would live quite comfortabley but when William began playwriting he earneds 200 to 300 pounds .

William had 3 children 1 set of twins and 1 girl . Sadly one of the twins died aged  11 .

William wrote lots of plays some of them plays are Romeo and Juliet , Henry the fifth , A midsummer nights dream , Julius Caesar , Hamlet , Twelfth night , Othello , King lear , Macbeth and The Tempest .