My sleepover

On Saturday my friend Angelina came round for a sleepover.  My little brother and sister were so exited about her coming round.  When she came my brother couldn’t stop shouting.  Then we watched a little bit of the T.V.  After that my mum gave us something to eat.  After we ate we played a game on mini clip . At 8 o  clock my mum called us down stairs for lunch.  We had pasta for lunch, after lunch we said our prayers and went to bed. Having her round was so much fun.  She is coming again next Friday. 

Build A Bear

On Saturday the 27th of April, I went horse riding like I usually do on a Saturday. I have found out that my teacher thinks I am very good and wanted me to move up a group so I went into the other group on Saturday and later that day my cousins came to town. While they were her I went to build a bear with my 5 year old cousin, Ellie, my auntie and grandma. Ellie chose a bear stuffed it, brushed it, and then chose some clothes and accessories. She chose a pretty white dress with some sunglasses, a white bag to match the dress and a pair of shoes. Later that day my cousin (Ellie’s brother), Charlie came round for a sleepover. We watched  a movie and had some popcorn, chocolate, sweets and mini popadoms. After the movie, we watched one of our favourite programmes the voice. While the voice was on we pretended that we were the judges and we had a button. It was quite funny and then late that night we went to bed and just listened to some things on my stereo. Then later we fell asleep. The next morning, on Sunday, we went to drop my cousin back of at my grandma’s because that is where they were stay but before that we had a good laugh and played some games. Later that day we went to a place called the cherry tree not far from my house or my grandma’s and after that, my cousins got ready to go home that night ready for a Monday morning.