Temple Run

Here is my temple run paragraph(Climax) which I had to do whilst doing Slow Writing.

He could hear the wall’s crumbling and could see the golden idol but could smell damp and wet dog.Slow,Cooling,Breezing wind blew on his face. Slowly, he reached for the idol. As he pulled the golden idol back he nudged one of the monkey statues and they came alive. This was it. What shall he do? Rrrruuuunnnn.

Slow writing – Javine

My running is to fast for these monkeys.They are behind me though,my heart is racing my and my mind is pondering, will I ever escape? My mind is racing my heart is pumping and I am running out of oxygen.As fast as a racing car I zoomed past the other monkeys.My legs rushing my arms flying,myself concentrated.Money is mine! A second later they have gone and I am wondering Will I ever pull through?!!! 

slow writing challenge

The towering figure. The waves clashed against the dark shadow in the distance and the light from the figure shone over the vast ocean.  Cautiously, he went to explore the shimmering water, what was it he    pondered? He could just make out that it was a light house, the mystical fog surrounded the gleaming white light house the density of the fog made it hard to waft away. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR, HELP MEEEEEEE! My heart was racing, it was pitch black  as dark as the night sky, where was I, what was happening?


Slow writing

One stormy night.There was a boy and a girl called bob and barberet.They walked quickly but didn’t look behind them.Because they were scared, they walked quickly. They heard a bang. the lightouse collapsed they tryed to run as fast as a cheetah but it caught up.

Slow Writing Annabel M

Tall , mysterious , creepy . The clouds rolled in as the sky grew dark . Anxiously , I staggered towards it regretting every step . I noticed the flashing , as if somebody was in , in time with the lightning . Who was it ? The sound as high pitched as grinding metal drowned the thunder , it was my scream .

slow writing challenge

It was a gloomy day. I went to the lighthouse to se if a bout was stuck in the sea just then I heared a sking nouse it was getting closer and closer but I thinked what could it be a peanguen. My hands shiverd as it is getting closer I looked to the wal land saw a big shadow in front of me.I know there was somthing behind me. Then at that moment I had a flash back when I was little I saw the same shado as that exact moment I tryed to look be hined me but then…

Slow Writing Challenge

The icy slope stand so innocently failing to expose the sharp inconsistent incline. A death trap.For anything to come across ,the misfortune of encounter, with it,is destined to the bleak sombre grave. Like a Purple-necked Pitcher Plant it seems so virtuous  but holds a heart-wrenching secret. Blissful children doomed to there unforeseeable deaths. Obliviously, they veer down it’s forgiving banks and into the arms of despair.

Slow writing challenge

It was a warm, sunny and breezy day on the beach. I was excited! In the shimmering water       ,reflecting in the sun, were lots of seashells and crabs. The sparkling sunlight twinkled in the sky. The ice-cream seller was doing great business. Quickly people started qeueiung for ice-creams.

Slow writing by Dylan

Slowly, went outside it was freezing my toes were frozen and my cheeks were cold.It was so cold and slipperey, I had to push the car to the top of the road.Slowly I walked into the house it was boiling inside and froze outside.The car was froze we had to get the kettle.as the snow was coming down faster than a man jumping from a plane in the air.

slow writing

It wus snowing I did not know what to do .It wus really chilly outside the ice wus slippy like a snails gew.I could not belif my eyes it wus happy until the snow had tern into ice. It wusent fun because you could make snow men then the joy came back on Theresday. it wus like a dream come true.


Slow Writing Challenge- Molly

I looked ahead at the snowy, towering hill I was on, with lots of happy people on it. This was it. It was the first time I’d slegded, I was very nervous. The snow, as white as a sheet, seemed like it was trying to trip me up on purpose. My mum and dad stood encouraging me. Bravely, I sat on it, and my dad gave me one big push and then, I was off.

A new slow writing challenge



For this week’s slow writing challenge, your picture is inspired by our recent weather.

Sentence 1: must include three adjectives

Sentence 2: must use exactly three words

Sentence 3: must use an embedded clause

Sentence 4: must use a simile

Sentence 5: must use exactly seven words

Sentence 6: must start with an adverb

photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

I look forward to reading your entries.