Slow writing challenge

One night I was walking through the dark woods. The clouds were as grey as dust. Will I ever find home again? It was frightening I could have screamed. CRACK! was that a stick or a bone I had just stepped on? My watch said seven o’clock but because it was so dark it felt much later.

Slow Writing Challenge

Distraught, I ambled along the serpentine path. Like a snake it swerved in inconsistent turns. Will this never ending path ever end? If not it will drive me psychopathic. What started as a tranquil walk has become a pulsating cycle. Years go by as I gradually erode from the inside.

Slow writing

Suddenly, I started running. I saw something move in the darkness, like a lion stalking on its prey before it pounces.I shouted “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?” Something was growling in the gloomy night.I heard something behind me, they’re were hundreds of them I screamed out “HELP!” Then finally one came away from the darkness, the face will scare me for life.

slow writing

Quickly, I ran away from the howling foxes. It felt like I was trapped in a huge circle going round and round. Was I going to be the one to get trapped in here? I kept walking past the same trees. It felt like a thousand bullets went through me! Time past as I tryed to figure a way out.

My slow writing challenge

Cautiously ,I take a step towards the light ahead of me.It was like the gleaming sun was hidden in the trees but it did not produce the same warmth inside me. What is it? was the only thing I could think.I began to scarper towards the light.The light suddenly faded, I was stuck in the middle of living hell!A few seconds later I saw something, a cloaked figure emerging from the mist…

Slow writing

Quizzically, I stumbled across several sticks and twigs. It was like I was walking through  the worst place in hell, losing my breath in the murky smell of mud and rotten veg. Was I going to be lost in a place what looks like the middle of the biggest woods in country? I kept        walking but the same trees. Time past by, and I knew I was going in circles ” I’m doomed!”

Slow Writing Challenge – Niall

Cautiously I avoided the lurking horrors. My heart pounded as fast as a drum. Was I alone? the never ending cycle that tormented me. My palms sweating my hairs on end. Before I knew what happened I felt a blistering pain in my right leg, it felt like a thousand daggers! A few minutes later I saw a mysterious shadow, my sight fading away, then a hazy face appeared, I felt as helpless as a kitten.

Slow Writing Challenge

The slow writing challenge is to encourage you to think carefully about the quality of your writing, NOT about who writes the most. Use the picture below to write 6 sentences. They must follow the rules that are below the picture. Use your imagination; be descriptive!


Sentence one: must start with an adverb

Sentence two: must use a simile

Sentence three: must be a question

Sentence four: must use exactly seven words

Sentence five: must end with an exclamation mark

Sentence six: must start with a time connective


Good luck, I look forward to reading your entries!

With thanks to The Literacy Shed for the picture.