100 wc Sneha

The crash

I tried to move away but it happened so quick .   Where did that bike come from?  First I was happily  walking on the payment to lilly’s house, next I’m  on the ground Screaming in agony  with pain.   Suddenly the pain in my arm got worst.  I couldn’t bare it, it was like my arm was burnt to death. I looked around the bike was gone, nobody was there as I  was trying to get up. I saw my friend Lilly striding towards me.  My head started to spin, I felt sick like a washing machine. Just then I felt somebody lifting me up it was Lilly.


100wc Sneha

As I looked down,I saw starry space floating around, just then a blast of fire zoomed out at me from planet Earth.  In the window of the fiery thing I saw a delightful face staring out at me.Then the thing landed on the moon. The fiery thing had a square at the bottom coloured red and it had a cylinder white body. Just then a little foot stepped out of the thing onto the white silvery moon with a thump. As he landed he opened up his lunchbox and met an alien. Just then he fell of the moon. Thump!MarcusOnTheMoon Week#26

My trip to Burton

On Saturday I went to my mum’s friend because she has had a baby.  we arrived at her their house  we all saw the baby he was so cute. unlike most people I love baby’s they are so lovely.  My brother and sister were playing with the big son after that we had dinner at theirs after lunch we played with a balloon.  When we had finished playing we went home.


I am a digital leader

On Friday I found out that I was a digital leader and I was so excited.  I still can’t get over it.  This was the moment to show-off my computer skills. I couldn’t believe it, I was really a digital leader.  Today we had our first study class after school it was a big moment for me. Mr Connor told us that we will be getting our own badges and on it Mr Connor was going to write what we were good at and a teacher would ask us to help them or their class. As well as that we have our own digital leader  blog.  This is the link to the digital leader blog

My digital leader intervew

Today I had my digital leader interview with Chiara, Grace, Lucy G, Rose, Aleksandra ,  First it was chiara then it was Grace.  Then it was me.  When I got in I was so nervous because I thought it was going to be scary but then it got better because it wasn’t so scary.  Mr Connor and Mrs Kearney asked me 2 questions and after that I showed my presentation,  the tour of the fs2.  

My trip to India

This sunday on the 3rd of february  I am going to India with my family.   I cannot wait till I get there We are packing lots of stufff for the trip.   When I come back I am going to do a photopeach about the trip to India and I will try and put some photo’s as well.