Don’t Panic! part 2

Here is another reason you should never panic in test, extended writes, homework, S.A.Ts or anything else………………..YOU WILL FAIL. You fail  because sometimes we human beings, over think and some weird junk pops into our heads.

There was always fights on this planet but this was the most epicest one yet and I’m not even sure if epicest is even a word. There is epic and I’m just adding a EST at the end which couldn’t cause any harm. Like I was saying, this fight is going to be the most epicest one yet.

What to read on? I will put the next bit next week.


Dear Mr W,

Our  captain has chosen you and your oldest son to come fight in the army.We have a shortage of men in the army and the Germans have collected loads of men and they will take over Great Britain and the others.

Your son will be in the  airplane and you will be on the ground fighting with some others.

You will have to come to our shop and buy the weapons and clothes.

Sadly  I didn’t know how to fight  properly and I got shot.Suddenly the pain in my arm started to be so powerful I had to scream for help

My Story


“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH LEAVE ME ALONE I HATE YOU” shouted Sophie as she slammed her white wooden bedroom door. As the night came to an end, things were getting very nasty. Sophie was screaming because she didn’t want to go to bed, Sophie’s mum Grace was shouting back at Sophie and Sophie’s dad Patrick was going crazy!

By the time Sophie had to get up for school she finally got into bed. Grace was nagging Sophie to get up then. “no You just told me to get into bed so i’m in bed and now You want me to get back up again!” exclaimed Sophie. 

Finally, Sophie got up just in time for school. Even though they were doing her favorite subject Sophie was still falling asleep in class. After school Patrick took Sophie home. When they got there Sophie went straight to bed.


The family of three was the loudest family on the street. For Sophie’s 10th birthday she had an art afternoon. The family of three became 5 with two female twins. The arguing went on and the two girls became just like Sophie

The End!




Trip to to moon

Here I am, sitting on the moon. I hear a noise underneath me. My chair is moving. Suddenly, I hear                                                                                                                      “I’m Jive” I quickly jump up and see a blue figure slowly getting up of the ground. My mouth is wife open,  I’ve never seen anything like it.                                                                              “Close your mouth you might swallow stars” exclaimed Jive.

I moon walk to the other side of the moon thinking that Jive wouldn’t follow me. Two blue fingers touch my shoulder. Jive spotted the yellow box in my bag.                                         “NO, THATS MINE!” I shouted. Jive looks at me but keeps eating

My 500 word challenge

This is my 500 word challenge. I forgot to post it ages ago, but here it is!


Future Dreams

31st July

It’s 2148. The world is a place of doom. The robots have come.They came to take me as a prisoner. We have done all we can, but computers are taking over the world. The world has turned into one big block of computerised metal. I’m in a dungeon at the moment, longing to take one last breath of air, because I know the end is near.

1st August

The computer doctors have just said I have 2 months to live. Good. I want to escape this devastating, heartbreaking world. I’m the last human on earth; at least I think I am. Everyone is so lucky – everyone except me – to be dead and away from hell. It’s not fair.

5th August

I have just had breakfast. It was horrible, as it always is. Pickled mushrooms. But I suppose a monster would have different taste buds from me. I think food and this diary are the only things that aren’t electrical. Even I have an electrical brain to make me live for a very long time. Not forever, thank goodness. Nothing would replace the year 2012. The olympics were on then. In England.That country was normal then.

15th August

I’m sorry that I have been so long, diary. I have been praying to God that time would go by quick so I could be in peaceful heaven. But maybe that has been taken over too! I will just have to hope, for that is all I have left.

20th August

I have thought of a (hopefully) groundbreaking plan! I shall go to sleep for about 15 days, but if I wake I will try and go to sleep again, then lots of my life will have passed!

10th September
I have done it! Only 20 days of dread left. I wonder what’s for lunch today. Iced cauliflower, maybe, I don’t know. But now I have a chance, a chance that could make my life the best life I have had for ages. I will see you tomorrow Diary.

16th September
What have I done? What have I done to deserve this? I have about 15 days to live and now they tell me. I am probably going to cry for the rest of my life. There is one more human on earth. A girl, like me. They only found her yesterday, hiding on an island.

18th September

GUESS WHAT? I am going to see her and I might get to live longer and have a friend because the doctor was wrong! I shall be devastated if I go, but it was what I wanted so I can’t moan. I have to go now because they are going to check my brain.

20th September

I get to live with the girl! I’m dancing around my cell! My heart is pumping with excitement! This is the best day ever. I am going to talk to her now. Bye Diary, see you tomorrow.


The End


“Oh no! I’m lost”, David cried. All he had left was Leon his toy lion. He felt more happy because there was bright sunshine and the trees were bright green. He could see the slimy frogs. This was a new place to discover. There were planes in the fluffy clouds. Happily the deers chewed on they’re lovely grass. He talked to Leon to see if he had ideas to find his family. Sadly David sat down on the soggy stones. At least he found out about the nature in the world. Then in the sky a rescue helicopter came to save him.  “Yeah Im saved”!

My Story

The day that nobody knew about

“What has happened to our town?” asked Molly anxiously.
“I don’t know but I really want to find out” replied Chloe. They walked a little further while looking around troubled. They rambled past a purple house and sitting in the window was a box. Not any type of box, this was a box that looked like it was from the future. They stared in the window to figure out what it  was.

About 2 minutes later the box… POPPED and out came a little still man, he looked real though. Molly slowly reached into the window and grabbed the box. The small man on the box suddenly moved a little bit, “ Didn’t that man on the box… move?” cried Chloe
“No don’t be silly, course he didn’t!” Laughed Molly  They started to run. Molly feld the box titley but she didn’t know that the man was alive. The man didn’t want to be kept as a toy so he marched of the box and back to the window. They didn’t realize though so they kept going.  They stumbled past a lamppost with large eyes and bushy eyebrows.

“This town has changed over night, hasn’t it?” Chloe inquizzacly.
“I think” Molly answered while hearing the lamppost speak.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh” Molly screamed and ran away. Chloe ran after her. They got to path they ran down until they got to the bottom of it. When they got there Molly ran into a door that led to another door and another and so on…

She was still running and still screaming. Chloe and Molly slowed down when they got to the last room. They saw lots of sweets and chocolate. In the corner there was a woman, a woman with green skin and  a old, wrinkly face. The woman had a brown wooden stick and she bannged it on the flooor. They looked down and saw they turned into pie!

The woman started stumbling across the floor towards them. She tried to speak but nothing was coming out. The woman dragged them by the ear to the oven. The girls refused to get in the giant oven so the sprinted to the door and flu it open.
“RUN!!!” screamed Molly. They ran past the lamppost with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. It gave them its metal hand and pulled them up.
“Thank you” Chloe said un-shorely.
“Anytime the lamppost said deeply.The woman tumbled past them without knowing they were there. Unluckily she ran into the road and shooting past came a plant pot in a purple race car. That was the end of her.

My Story – Trapped Girl (Part 2)

Part Two

But Miss Acking wasn’t a kind, warm hearted woman after all. Miss Acking came into the girls room and turned off the light and said to go to sleep. Miss Acking stayed in their room for a little longer and lifted Lilly out of bed and put her in a card bord box to sleep in. She brought Lilly outside onto a truck and a guy gave her some money! Lilly was on the mans truck and was heading of to a strange place down to the bottom of the world. Madagascar…


My Story – Trapped Girl (Part 1)

This is a story that I wrote. I hope you like it. ♦♣

As the amber sunset took it’s place, a small girl, about severn, was wondering down the street back to the orphanage. She had been encased in that orphanage ever since she was three! She only made one friend when she was four but she got adopted. When this girl got back to the orphanage she went to Miss Acking. Miss Acking was a kind, warm hearted person. She was always there for the orphans. Anyway this girls name was Lilly and she was talking to Miss Acking about seeing if anyone came for her but Miss Acking shook her head and every time she asked that. Lilly would never loose hope though. Besides she knew she always had Miss Acking.


The butterfly dragon by phillip

The butterfly dragon

In the deep green rain forest lives the butterfly dragon.It is not only a dragon.It was the greatest dragon of all dragons.It started centuries ago when the vikings went to europe.The dragon walked in a path of plain wet grass.It walked right to a tree where the dragon was’nt there.It was a glowing wight butterfly fluttering around the calm gentle wind.It flew to the dried bright green leaf.It stayed there for a while like a statue.Calmly, it flew again in front of a beast with a fluffy golden mane.A lion.

The butterfly danced in front of the lion straight into the lions mum.The small little lion followed the glowing butterfly to see why the butterfly was glowing.The butterfly quickly flew up as high as it could trying to avoid the huge lions dad.The butterfly flapped its wings and pushed the calm air into the ground.Sudenly,the lion acidently treaded on the the golden mane.The lion became furious but  never did anything.

There was a crease above the eye.The lion slept again never worrying about the dark plants around him.The lion caught the butterfly but as he was looking through his dark brown paws the butterfly flew and quickly dived through the the invisible wind.The lion ran as fast as he could.Finally he found the butterfly hovering above the dark green grass.The butterfly doesn’t even looks like it was moving its pale wight wings.The lion leaped to the butterfly but the butterfly was to quick.The butterfly was quick as lightning as it flew the to the orther side of the dark rough tree.

The lion walked to the orther side when he saw the a huge bright dragon in front of him.”Is this the butterfly I was looking for?” he thought.Quickly,the dragon pounced and pounced to the orther side of the huge cliff.The lion found the dragon but the lion noticed a very huge gap that is nearly a hundred feet to the beautiful village.The lion does not know what he is thinking but his gohstly mind made him jump over the huge gap.He fell and fainted waiting for him to die.

All of a sudden something,lifted him to the muddy mountain.It was the bright wight dragon.The lion opened his eyes wondering why he was on the ground.Then,the lion looked up at the glittering dragon and whispered”why did you save me.”The dragon made a little grin and walked next to the golden lion.They sat in a rock looking up on the star.”The star is wonderful”He quietly said.The lion looked at the direction where the dragon was looking.The dragon wasn’t there.In stead he found the dragon staring at him with a thin rock.The lion grabbed the rock wondering what am I pose to do?The lion looked at the dragon and touched the glowing fur.

After,the lion touched the rock.A magic glow of dust left a mark.The lion was surprised.The lion started to make something.The lion made a mask.The lion couldn’t see when something magical went inside the mask.It was the magic glowing butterfly.The lion was actually happy when he could see.He felt power within him.He went back to his mum.The butterfly came out the mask and met his new friend.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

The shadow! by Luke

I woke up with a fright.Someone was watching me, I’m sure of it!I could not sleep at all that night. Early in the morning about 8:00 I had a stroll in the park.The same feeling came across me.It was hard to forget!I turned around quickly nothing their.Apart from my shadow,I blinked and it was gone!I ran back home without a stop. Finally,I was at the safest place I could be,HOME!

I saw my shadow it was walking up the stairs step at a time.All of a sudden,I saw the shadow slowly moving now getting closer to me!I dropped my keys with fright. Know where to go I thought fast what was the enemy to light…dark!I shut every curtain in my  house finally,it was gone.But not for long…

I felt safe,very safe.

2 years later,I remembered that day,that problem,that shadow!The same nightmare I had 2 years ago!But would it come back?


The end