The Piano

The frail old man slumped down in the giant black chair.  The dark and empty room was filled with sadness. He was all alone. His twitching fingers ran wild playing the piano. Gradually the memories came flooding in; the traumatic times clouded his mind!

An icy chill shivered down his spine as a recent memory came rushing back to him. He visualised her cold frail lips touch his face. Her wrinkly fingers delicately laid on the keys, he knew there was only one person who could play like that, it was his wife!  Delight filled his heart, but the pain of losing her never left him.

Suddenly his fingers danced on the keyboard, as fast as lightening, boom an echoing chill exploded into life, the enclosed secret was finally opened.  Guilt dripped down his face, his eyes bursting with slow tear drops, they showed the horror of what had happened. What would of happened if? would he be alive today? would he forgive me if he was here today? He was broken.  The memory of watching  and letting his army friend die still torments him today.

He immersed himself even deeper into his memories.  Cautiously he glanced up at his pale, old grandad, he laid the present before his very eyes.  For a while he stared, anxiously, almost frightened at it, you could see thoughts travelling round his mind, is it a chocolate bar? His heart was pounding as fast as lightening, he looked down tentatively at the thin white box, it edged closer.  Slowly his young healthy hand opened it, his heart stopped and his eyes widened excitedly it was a wooden horse – he cherished it for a life time.

The surreal hallucination finally ceased, he reluctantly drifted back into the real world.  Suddenly, a tall darkish, brown wooden horse galloped past his beady, hazel eyes.  His heart warmed and his chiselled old mouth and craggy face showed the expression of happiness.  His grandchild cantered  around the new illuminating  room in total exultation, nonchalantly the boy walked closer and closer to the glossy high spec black piano.  Slowly he sat down in the puffy leather chair and tentatively pressed on the last note, he glanced up.








The piano

The old man sat facing the piano, gazing into oblivion. Thomas pressed the dusty keys, creating his source of life, gathering his thoughts. He was alone in a pitch black room then suddenly his eyes opened to see.

A cold chill shivered down my spine as a recent memory came back to me. I knew something was on its way and coming here; cometh of my dearest companion- somebody so close to me . Somebody I once loved but has been extracted away from me. The memory came before me: blurring, hovering and confronting me. Recognizing her I smiled. She pressed the keys playing the same piece ; playing the most wonderful piece. It was a truly special lady- my wife. As she played her last note I felt her warm lips pressing against me cheek. She disappeared.

He  got out of his memory starting to feel alone in the same room as something dreadful came to him, something tragic. He suddenly felt a flash of guilt, knowing that he had to face something evil. Knowing that he had to come face to face with the devil inside. A fear painted his face as his world up side-down. He started to play faster.

Something began to come to me but thinking about it I would say It wasn’t a pleasant memory. It was a memory about the war, working as a medic. A of sorrow.

Suddenly, I saw it . Eventually I heard it. But who was it?. Bang! went a noise   like a lions roar. Who was he? I said Instantly realizing I had a gun! “Get down!” shouted the same man standing next to me. “Who are you?” I said to the man quizzically. He pulled an unknown face which I couldn’t tell if its I smile or a frown. “Cover me” I prepared my kit ” I’m ready”

” you sure ”

” yes “. He went out and I was un-prepared . Before I could blink, Bang! I rushed to the man. He was lieing down with red things- blood all over him I held his hand hard remembering who he was ; how much he ment  to me.

Thomas pressed the keys hard in frustration trying to forget injustice, the mistake, the sadness, the guilt.He suddenly remembered something else.


As the night fell, he gently lay his hands on his one and only friend.He started to play a tune with his friend.His thoughts took him back to were it all started.

A cold chill shivered down his spine;the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as a recent memory came back to him.Gently he felt a cold figure touched his face like a winter breeze.The breeze passed by and drifted away,he felt alone again.