World Book Day

On world book day we created a fact file about the books we like and why we like reading books.We allso created a harlem shake it started with just Luke on his own dancing for 15 seconds.We were reading and ignoring Luke.We cut the camera and Mr Connor got us all to dance.That afternoon we created a flag based on reading,we also let the year 2’s in to our classroom.

World Book Day

Yesterday it was world book day. Everyone had to dress in black and white. It was a fun day, and this is what we did.

First, we did a reading harmlem shake (see below for video post)

Then, we we made factfiles and drawings of books and characters.

After break, Mrs Kearney taught us and we made news reports about a book she showed us, but not everyone got to do theirs.

After lunch, we were with Mr Leake and we made flags about a book. We stuck our post-it-notes onto ourselves and showed the year 2s.

My favourite bit was making the news report (I got to do mine). I hope everyone enjoyed book day.

World Book Day!

Today was world book day and we had to come in black and white. I came in black. We did The Harlem Shake and it was great fun. Mr Connor said he will put it on this Blog and I would love to see it. As well as that Mrs Kearney came in and read a story to us. She read to us a very funny story and we had to copy it. That is what we did this morning.

Year 5 Harlem Shake – World Book Day

Yesterday, we were discussing music and how we listen to it today. Youtube was mentioned, which is how lots of us hear new songs. One thing that happens today is ‘going viral’, which means songs or videos get viewed by millions of people in a short space of time.

One recent example of this is the Harlem Shake. Football teams, armies, colleges and schools have now done their own versions, and yesterday we watched Davyhulme Primary School do theirs. Maria suggested recording one of our own for World Book Day – so here it is!

harlemshake from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.